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Redeem Team Mastermind is essential to becoming a Real Estate General Partner

The Redeem Team Mastermind is a key element to Redeem Investments, a real estate investing company focused on the acquisition of value-add commercial multifamily properties.

At its core, the Redeem Team Mastermind is a Joint Venture Partnership Program, a formal group of real estate investors who choose how they would like to participate in commercial multifamily investments.

While members gain experience as a General Partner, they also gain access to many other P.R.K&S--Partnership, Resources, Knowledge & Skills.

This combination of experience and access is a foundational component of the Mastermind member's long-term success.

Joint Venture partnership program

The most effective way to successfully scale a business is through partnership

The type of value-add properties that Redeem Investments pursues provides ample Ownership Equity to be split among the JV Partners, aka Co-General Partners. The level of contribution will determine the portion of Ownership Equity that each JV Partner receives. These are the roles available for members to choose from:

Deal Finder  Finds deals for Redeem Investments to acquire

Boots on the Ground  Local operator representative

Private Money Raiser  Helps raise capital (in addition to serving in another role)

Loan Sponsor  Co-signs for the acquisition loan

Earnest Money Depositor  Provides Earnest Money Deposit for purchases

Due Diligence Cost Contributor  Covers upfront/due diligence expenses.

The JV Partnership Model will be provided to you upon registration for the Mastermind or via email request to support@redeeminvestments.com.


Mitigate risk through education and support

In addition to JV Partnership opportunities, the Redeem Team Mastermind offers many benefits to its members.

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JV Partner Program  Acquire large commercial multifamily projects.

Lead Generation & Deal Flow  Placed on preferred buyer list with transaction assistance (due diligence, legal, debt sourcing, capital raise, etc.).

Deal Processing  Transaction assistance for deals that a member finds and wants to close for their personal portfolio.

Deal Review  Members seeking underwriting assistance may submit deals  to arrive at a “go/no go” decision--may ultimately result in institutional quality deal packet for lender/investor submission.

Limited Partner/Investor ROFR  Members provided the “Right of First Refusal” to invest as a Limited Partner in our deals, in addition to being a Co-GP/JV Partner.

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Documents  Members receive access to marketing, legal, and other documents and tools to use for building their personal portfolios.

Deal Analyzers  Members receive access to deal analysis tools to help underwrite deals.

Redeem Team Experts  Members receive access to multiple industry experts necessary for success in commercial multifamily real estate including: Mortgage Broker, Commercial Real Estate Broker, CPA, Tax Strategist, Real Estate Attorney, SEC Attorney, Property Manager, Investment Banker, Marketing/Branding Specialist, and more.

Private Facebook Group  Members receive access to a private Facebook group where members can network, seek/offer advice & encouragement, and partner together on deals.

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Knowledge & Skills

Unlimited 1 on 1 Calls  Members may schedule an unlimited amount of calls.

Annual Retreat Discounts  Members receive discount on all-inclusive resorts, where live training & networking occur.

Free Admission to Live Mastermind Meetups  Members may attend Meetup events hosted by Redeem Investments throughout the year. These events mix a little bit of business and pleasure as a training/information session is followed by a concert, sporting event, or some other type of entertainment, as well as a nice dinner!

Monthly Accountability Group Session (MAGS)  Members may join a recurring monthly videoconference featuring a Redeem Team Expert or other industry expert.

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Lead Generation/Deal Flow:$25-$200K
Deal Processing:$10-$50K
 Deal Review:$1.5K
 Deal Analyzers:$2.5K
Retreat Discounts:$5K
 Unlimited 1 on 1 Calls:$10K
 Mastermind Meetups: $1K
 Accountability Group Sessions:$60K
Additional Resources:
GP/JV Partner Opportunity, Investor ROFR, Redeem Team Experts, Private Facebook Group 
TOTAL VALUE >$125,000

Membership Fee*: $12,500 per year


Annual and Monthly Payment options available

Membership fee rolls into a Limited Partner position​


My promise to you (from Christian)...

Here’s how my Iron-Clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee protects you and allows you to try this membership for yourself with absolutely NO RISK…

Register for your membership and gain immediate access to tools and resources in the members-only section of the website. To begin building your knowledge and skills, be sure to register for upcoming MAGS (Monthly Accountability Group Sessions), Mastermind Meetups, and Retreats. Also, take advantage of unlimited 1-on-1 sessions with me.

As we identify deals to add to our portfolio, we will make opportunities available for members to participate as a Co-General Partner/JV Partner. Remember, you also have the ROFR (Right of First Refusal) to invest as a Limited Partner AND something you won't find in any other Mastermind program of this kind... YOUR ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE IS AUTOMATICALLY CREDITED/ROLLED INTO A LIMITED INVESTOR POSITION!

You have 30 days – an entire month – to determine if all of these benefits are worth the value you receive as a member. If you decide that it is not, or if you change your mind for any reason, then I want to return your money.

I’m giving you this
​30-Day Money Back Guarantee
​for three simple reasons:​

Proven Value

I know the benefits of the Redeem Team Mastermind are head and shoulders above what you may find anywhere else. 

Strength in Numbers

Others are already experiencing the benefits of the Mastermind and enjoying the membership P.R.K&S.

Growth Mindset

I firmly believe that "to whom much is given, much is expected!"  I have been blessed immensely and want to share those blessings with others. By doing so, we are all able to grow together and succeed far greater than if we attempted to on our own.

Together, we can renovate more properties and transform more lives