Meet the Visionaries Behind the Redemption ARMOR Fund

07.03.24 11:06 AM By Ashten Child

In the dynamic world of real estate investment, few entities shine as brightly as the Redemption ARMOR Fund. The fund's success can be largely attributed to the exceptional leadership of its managing partners: Christian Catron, Michael Euperio, and Eric Acheson, MD. Each brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and personal dedication to the table, making the fund not just a financial venture, but a beacon of innovation and integrity.

The leader and strategist

Christian Catron - The Strategist and Leader

Christian Catron, a former Healthcare Operations Executive with comprehensive P&L responsibility, stands at the helm as a Managing Partner of the Redemption ARMOR Fund. His journey in the world of commercial multifamily syndication and fund management is backed by an impressive academic pedigree. A graduate of The United States Military Academy at West Point and holder of an MBA from The University of Texas-Austin, McCombs School of Business, Christian's leadership skills are second to none.

But Christian is more than just his professional achievements. His 21-year journey as a husband and father to two sons speaks volumes about his commitment and personal values. These attributes have been instrumental in guiding the strategic direction of the Redemption ARMOR Fund.

The financial maestro

Michael Euperio - The Financial Maestro

Michael Euperio brings to the table a rich background as a former Tech & SaaS Leader, with a notable history in Corporate Development and M&A, overseeing transactions totaling approximately $4 billion. His expertise in commercial multifamily syndication and fund management is equally impressive, demonstrating a keen understanding of the real estate landscape.

Michael's educational background is as distinguished as his professional one. A graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point, with an MBA from the University of Colorado-Boulder, Leeds School of Business, he epitomizes the blend of strategic thinking and business acumen. A devoted husband of 14 years and a father to both a son and a daughter, Michael’s personal life reflects his dedication and holistic approach to success.

the medical innovator

Eric Acheson, MD - The Medical Innovator

Dr. Eric Acheson adds a unique dimension to the leadership team as a Managing Partner. As a partner at Capital Surgeons Group in Austin, Texas, he is a national leader and innovator in advanced robotic laparoscopic surgical procedures. His commitment extends beyond the operating room, as he is dedicated to assisting fellow physicians in generating passive income, showcasing his passion for both medicine and financial empowerment.

Eric’s academic background is as notable as his professional achievements. A graduate of Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans, LA, he brings a wealth of medical knowledge and innovative thinking to the table. His 25-year-long marriage and his role as a father to two sons and a daughter underscore his commitment to family and community values.

Together, these three managing partners form a formidable team at the helm of the Redemption ARMOR Fund. Their diverse backgrounds, combined with a shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices, not only drive the success of the fund but also contribute significantly to the communities and industries they touch. The Redemption ARMOR Fund, under their stewardship, is more than an investment entity; it’s a testament to the power of leadership, vision, and strategic collaboration.

Ashten Child