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The Property Pastor Webinar 

September 2020 | Conversation with The Property Pastor

Building a Multifamily Portfolio

Winners Wallets and Worldviews

August 2020 | Conversation with A.J. Armstrong

How to have a real estate side hustle and turn it into a multi-million dollar revenue producing operation.

Living Off Rentals Podcast

July 2020 | Conversation with Kirby Atwell

A Strategy for SAFELY Buying Multifamily Properties in this Environment

Bay Area Commercial Real Estate Webinar

May 2020 | Presentation with Timothy Eng

Preserving Capital While Increasing the Velocity of Money

The Art of Sustainable Investing

July 2021 | Conversation with Michael Euperio

A conversation about investing in solar farms, the importance of a team, and how putting your money to work towards positive social impact doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice investment returns


Live Events

Q1'2020 - Austin Mastermind MeetUp

March 2020| Presentation by Christian Catron

Apartment Investing Mastermind

Q3'2020 - Orange Beach Mastermind MeetUp

August 2020| Presentation by Christian Catron

A weekend sportsfishing trip filled with fun, learning, and networking (aka "Fist bumps and Fishing!")

Q1 2021 Mastermind MeetUp: Virtual Game Night!

March 2021 | Presentation with Sean Bukowski & Christian Catron

Virtual Game Night and details about the upcoming launch of our first Investment Fund

Q2 2021 - Galveston Mastermind MeetUp

July 2021 | Presentation by Christian Catron

A fishing trip out in Galveston, TX and a dinner presentation talking about Apartment Investing as well as Private Equity Fund investing, using our recently launched Renewable Energy Fund as a case study

Q4 2021 - Arlington Mastermind MeetUp

November 2021 | Presentation by Christian Catron

A Tailgate Meetup in Arlington, TX and a  presentation talking about Commercial Real Estate Investment


REDEEM Saturday School

October 2021

With Joshua Douglas, Public Adjuster

Working with Public Adjusuters

September 2021

With James Jenkins, Chief Risk Officer

Commercial Insurance and Asset Protection

August 2021

With King White, Senior Account Executive at O'Connor Associates

The Magic of Cost Segregation

May 2021

With Haley Gant CISP, IRA Specialist at Quest Trust Company

Building Wealth with Self-Directed Retirement Accounts

April 2021

With Roel Patterson, Regional Director at ACN

Increasing Property Value via Concierge Services

March 2021

With Larry Dixon, Founder/Owner at Atlas Accounting & Tax Solutions

TAXES: Having your Defense put points on the scoreboard!

February 2021

With Jordan Isham, Jordan Springer and Peter Sunderland, Acquisition Managers at Redeem Investments

Finding Deals and Making Offers

January 2021 

With Bryce Gill, Economist at First Trust Advisors

Economic Outlook for 2021

December 2020

With Gene Trowbridge, Esq. CCM, Founding Partner

What is a Real Estate Syndicate?

November 2020

With Mark Allen, Executive Managing Director, Greystone Investment Sales Group

Dissecting an Offering Memorandum

October 2020

With Larry Dixon, Founder/Owner, Atlas Accounting & Tax Solutions

EOY Tax Strategies

September 2020

With Ken Barjam, President & CEO, U.S. Property Consultants

Multifamily Property Management Pro Tips

August 2020

With Sean Bukowski, Principal, Bukowski Law Firm

PSA Key Elements & Title Insurance

July 2020

With Matt Counts, Sr. Vice President, NorthMarq

Capital Market Trends


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