Renewable Energy Fund I

    Redeem Investments is pleased to offer investment into our Renewable Energy Fund (REF I). The Fund will deploy short-term/ bridge loans that will provide renewable energy (RE) infrastructure developers with capital ahead of construction loan origination in order to develop utility-scale RE sites.


  • Target Annual Average Yield of 12% with monthly distributions for predictable, fixed passive income
  • Low-risk, first position debt secured by a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)
  • Invest in renewable energy infrastructure that will accelerate the move toward Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050
  • Support Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certified developers and historically disadvantaged institutions of higher learning, which are some of the pre-identified end users of the renewable energy

Why We Like This Opportunity

  • Value-add asset class equity-like returns with institutional bond-level risk (Many syndications have a Class A preferred equity tier that targets a 10% return. This would provide a 200 bps premium and is 1st position debt within the capital stack).
  • Our initial strategic developer partner, Midflare Corporation, has been involved in over $1B of solar farm development globally and leadership has over 50 years of experience successfully executing on solar projects
  • 9 US states or territories have already mandated a move to 100% clean electricity and government incentives ensure a robust development pipeline 
  • Diversify your net worth and RE portfolio across an opportunistic, alternative land and renewable energy infrastructure development play

Projects will initially be focused on pre-development/ development (PDD) loans for solar farm development but debt financing could fund other areas of capital needs such as land acquisition, energy storage, or interconnection. The Fund will have a 7-yr lifecycle with investor distributions occurring monthly after capital is deployed.

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Proven Investment Professionals & Successful Veteran Operators

Christian Catron


Christian is the Founder/ CEO and visionary leader of Redeem Investments. With this firm, he set out to provide asymmetric returns for investors at a lower risk profile across multiple asset classes all while creating a positive social impact. He has a distinguished corporate career and is a graduate of both West Point and UT's McCombs School of Business.

Michael Euperio


Michael is a seasoned entrepreneur and investor with a demonstrated track record of success in the military, business, and real estate. His investment experience spans private equity, private commercial lending, and multifamily acquisition. He shares responsibility for fund management, investor relations, regulatory compliance, and general fund administration.